Super Feng Shui Business Consultancy

Super Feng Shui business consultancy service from the Feng Shui Research Center

With so much uncertainty in the business world, especially in view of Brexit, get answers to your business questions!

Feng Shui helps you get what you want by creating a space that supports you in body and spirit. Sitting in the right place, having doors bringing in the right sort of energy for success.

Our super Feng Shui Q&A service takes it one step further.

You can ask questions about business situations you face. We can help you devise a strategy and do the right thing at the right time.

In the internet age in many areas of business there is an a lot of information freely available. What you cannot find online are those deeper insights into the hearts and minds of your customers, competitors and team members.

How do you win over a new client in a competitive tendering situation?

What sort of strategy and tactics will your competitors be applying for a specific client?

How would that impact your strategy?

What about hiring? There’s so many places where you can find candidates. When you have your shortlist what insights do you want to help you decide who to hire?

Got a new product launch? How to get finance?

These are some typical questions.

Feng Shui masters in the Far East help business tycoons do the right thing at the right time with a variety of techniques.

Qi Men Dun Jia is one of these advanced techniques.

It starts with the moment you ask a question. That moment is used to plot a chart which gives out a number of scenarios. This is not prediction. This is guidance to help you make good decisions.

QMDJ was originally used in the military to develop strategies to win battles.

These days most businesses are looking for decisive victories in the commercial arena.

As a business person you have a plan and strategy for your overall business. Imagine being able to fine tune that for each individual deal. This is where our service adds most value.

How do you use the services?

You give us a question about a specific matter or deal in your business.

We identify the moment when the question was asked and plot the chart.

We interpret the chart and offer you various insights into the possibilities.

e.g. you’re putting in a bid for a competitive tendering process, and you want to figure out how to position your bid so you stand out from the competition

Do you focus on price? Service quality? Deadlines? Influencing the decision maker because you have things in common?

What if you have a further question after we give you the answers?

If it’s specific to the question asked we will reveal further insights to help you make your decisions.

And the price?

Phone Foon on 07740 940888 to get the price brochure.